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Righter Consulting Group is focused on building positive relationships between businesses and regulatory bodies.

The onset of mobile health applications sparked a massive innovation movement. The ability to put the power of a medically relevant diagnostic tool in the hands of new users can fundamentally change the way we manage our health. We believe regulating agencies such as the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are making significant progress to ensure we have the right information and tools at our fingertips to bring these technologies to the masses. We want to partner with FDA to help them understand industry, and help industry understand FDA.

Our Approach
  • Tested and trusted ADVICE to navigate you through complicated and burdensome regulations


  • Regulatory STRATEGY that accommodates your business needs while mitigating unacceptable risks


  • CUSTOMIZED plans to ensure you can stay effective and efficient for rapid growth of your business


  • PRIDE OF OWNERSHIP in our work ensures you have a strong compliance plan even when you don't need us anymore

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